Your Winter Preparation should include good winter mats, such as Weather Tech

Basic Winter Preparation Steps For Your Vehicle

Being located in the Maritime’s, winter is a fact of life. It is no surprise for many months of the year the roads are plastered with salt. This salt sticks to the paint, gets inside the car, and makes a mess. To make things worse, it is usually too cold to clean your vehicle so you must look at the mess for quite some time. Although not a complete guide, this is a quick post for some quick things to do to make winter easier on your car, and to make Spring Cleaning a little less painless.


The following are some things you should try to do before winter:

Wax Your Vehicle

Giving your vehicle a nice coat of wax before winter will help reduce salt build-up on your paint. It will also make washing your vehicle easier. I usually apply a good sealant/wax before winter and can use a pressure washer for 2 minutes to get rid of most of the salt with no effort.

Install Winter Mats

If salt gets on your vehicle, it can be a pain to remove. If it sits too long, it can be nearly impossible to remove. It is a good idea to get winter mats (they are usually plastic or rubber). Weather Techs are awesome and have custom fits for almost any vehicle. They fit nicely and leave no gaps. I recommend them. They also go up the sides a bit meaning water stays in the mat, instead of running off inside of your vehicle.


Your Winter Preparation should include good winter mats, such as Weather Tech

Your Winter Preparation should include good winter mats, such as Weather Tech



Try to remove water

Tracking snow in your vehicle will introduce water. This will make your vehicle fog up more. Having winter mats will help greatly, but keep in mind you should try and reduce the amount of moisture in your vehicle.

Clean your windshield, inside and out

Keeping your glass clean will help improve visibility. When it is snowing outside, and you drive at night you want all visibility you can get. Keeping your windshield clean will increase visibility, reduce snow sticking to your glass, and help prevent fog build-up.


Last but not least . . .

Do not use automatic washing bays

Using an automatic washing bay might make your car look clean, but it can make matters worse. You know that nice coat of wax you put on before winter? An automatic wash bay can strip this wax off quickly. Without this wax, dirt will stick to your vehicle more. With more dirt, you end up going to a wash bay more. This process repeats until your paint has little to no protection. You are better off waiting for good weather to properly wash your vehicle.



The above were some quick and basic tips. I will be following up with a winter prep that will go more in-depth in the paint protecting category.


Safe travels this winter!


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