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New Auto Detailing Blog – Tips, tricks and more!

Many people I have talked to have suggested I make a blog in order to help others with their questions, concerns, or would just like to learn how to make their vehicle look it’s best. I strive to make every vehicle I work on perfect. I have spent countless hours researching and trying different techniques, along with throwing in my own twist along the way.

The result has been stunning transformations, like the vehicle below.  The owner could not believe how good his vehicle looked after, the results speak for themselves.

Before and after

Top – Before
Bottom – After a detail

With a little bit of knowledge and practice, you can have similar, or even better results. Knowing some small tips can lead to amazing results. Something as simple as a grit guard can save your paint from getting scratched during a wash. Ever see sun hit a car and all you see are a bunch of tiny scratches? A grit guard can help prevent that. The purpose of this website is to provide tips, such as preventing scratches.


Over the next little while, I will try and post some of the basics you should know. I then will start posting more in-depth stuff, including details from start to finish. In no time, you will take washing your car to a whole new level, you will be in the realm of auto detailing.


Stay tuned. If there is anything you want me to post about, try, or explain, just ask!




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