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Audi R8 – Super Car Gets Super Detailed!

This was such an amazing car to work with . Audi has outdone themselves with this car. The curves, color, everything about this car just pops out at you. This was an exterior detail + protection, interior, and engine detail. There are not many photos here as I took a video of this detail, you will find the video in the detailing post. Or, on youtube by clicking here.

Infinity – Sap Be Gone!

I love the color of this car. It had some nasty sap that had to be removed, the owner was so satisfied they did not want to drive the car afterwards.



Porsche Cayenne S – In & Out Pro Package

This was an amazing vehicle to work with. It looked amazing and was absolutely stunning after. The interior was the biggest concern, so most of the time was spent getting into all of those easy-to-miss spots. The result was a vehicle that looked, and felt better-than-new.

 Kia Serento In & Out Pro Package

This vehicle had road grit all over it. It looked good beforehand, but afterwards it felt brand new.


Acura In & Out Pro Package

When your vehicle has suffered some serious grime, you need to have it professionally taken care of. Take a look at this photo below, this vehicle went from “meh” to “WOW!” in a few short hours.

Honda Accord – Interior Detail

Leather when left uncleaned for a long time can take on a totally different color. In the photo below you will see an armrest in the process of being detailed. On the top is the armrest in its original state and on the bottom is the dirty portion, not yet cleaned. This small job makes for a huge difference.


Lancer – Paint Correction

Paint correction will get rid of imperfections cause by numerous issues, such as improper washing. You will notice in the picture below a bunch of small scratch marks. You will see this swirl marks often on cars in sunlight. In the picture following this, is the corrected trunk which does not have these swirl marks. Correcting the paint leaves it looking fresh, wet, and brand new.


Audi Meets A Great Wax

This vehicle already looked great, but after a fresh decontamination and amazing wax it is left shining so bright sunglasses are required.

Audi Looking Fresh

Audi Looking Fresh

Honda Detail

Getting your vehicle detailed will bring your car back to what it once was. The following picture shows a Honda that had numerous stains and dirt that is often missed in a regular clean.

Volkswagen Paint Correction

If your car is severely scratched, you don’t always need a paint job. This trunk was keyed and a Paint Correction was able to bring the trunk back to near new-like state, at a fraction of the cost.

Trunk Scratch

Trunk Scratch

Lexus Gets the Pro Treatment

When your vehicle gradually is left untreated you become use to it. Once properly detailed, you won’t believe it is the same vehicle. This Lexus has a Pro Treatment which left it looking new again.

Lexus SUV Exterior Wash & Wax, Interior Detail

Ford Hybrid – Exterior Basic Detail

After driving on the road for hours on end, your vehicle picks up a lot of dirt. Tar on the road can stick to your paint if not properly protected and if left there, is hard to remove. Many basic washes will miss this and a proper detail is required. In the following picture you will see road grime that remains after a wash.

Build Up Of Tar

Build Up Of Tar

Tar and embedded dirt cannot be removed easily. A basic wash will miss this. A proper detail can remove the unwanted dirt, giving results seen below.

Tar Gone

Tar Gone



Toyota Tundra – Exterior Pro

Trucks see a lot of dirt. Dirt that cannot be removed in a normal wash will build up and reduce your vehicles shine. Unleash your shine potential like the vehicle below.







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