Audi R8 50/50 Tires

Cleaning Your Wheels And Rims

Cleaning Your Wheels And Rims Cleaning your wheels and rims can really make your vehicle pop. There is nothing worse than a fresh looking vehicle, with dirty tires. Your wheels do not need to be exhausting, but they sure take on a lot of dirt. They are constantly in contact with the road, and throw […]

The depth is incredible after Winterizing the vehicle

Winterizing A Car Never Looked So Good

Everyone hates the look of salt on their car during the winter months. Some may ask, why both detailing your vehicle before winter if it is just going to get plastered with salt? Simple. It is easier to clean a vehicle which was recently detailed. A freshly detailed car has nearly no grit built-on the […]

Your Winter Preparation should include good winter mats, such as Weather Tech

Basic Winter Preparation Steps For Your Vehicle

Being located in the Maritime’s, winter is a fact of life. It is no surprise for many months of the year the roads are plastered with salt. This salt sticks to the paint, gets inside the car, and makes a mess. To make things worse, it is usually too cold to clean your vehicle so […]

A side shot before and after everything was complete.

Reviving an Acura back to life with Adams Polishes

Overview: Recently detailed the exterior of an Acura. The paint was absolutely hammered. There was embedded dirt everywhere, even in the window. The paint felt like sandpaper. There was zero shine in the vehicle. The customer wanted his shine back on a decent budget. I believe this was accomplished and he was very happy. The following post […]

Like-new seat

A review of Adams Polishes Interior and Leather Cleaner + Conditioner + Leather Brush

Reviving Old, Yucky Leather . . . Adams Polishes to the rescue! I recently had the pleasure to tackle a very grimy leather seat with some of Adams products. I ordered my Adams Polishes products from which there is an American and Canadian site. For the American version, go to The products I used were: Adams […]


Sheeting Method – Using Water to Dry your car easier

Rinsing a vehicle is very important to do, but it is very important not to let water sit on your vehicle too long. Leaving water on your vehicle, depending on its source can lead to water spots if left on your vehicle. Working in direct sunlight increases the risk of developing water spots. Since you spent […]